How To Unblock and access Blocked or Restricted Websites

Websites can be blocked at three levels: Network level, Computer level or the ISP/Governmental level. Some Other DNS services, such as Open DNS, to provide options to block particular types of websites for different users sharing the computer.


Access Blocked or Restricted Websites

When a site does not open, the article is an expansion of our other article on what to do. Some of the Tricks may be repeated in this section. If you find that you are unable to open or access some websites, here are a few things you want to try.

Access Blocked or Restricted Websites On a Computer

There are different options to access a website, and they depend on the mode used to block the site. Open DNS category system, and if you wish to go to a class that your parents chose to block it for you, it will provide a notification.

Websites On HTTP and HTTPS

If it was “http” blocked, you can try “https” only you can access the website. The term “https” represents a secure connection while the “http” is the unencrypted version of the site URL.

Use a Portable Proxy Browser To Access Restricted Websites

You can download a portable browser that doubles up as a proxy such as KProxy. The best part about the website browsers offers online browsing without typing site address in the main URL bar.

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