How often have you read through a long dissertation or watched an even longer DVD on the promise that you are about to learn an important fact about something you really want to know. For example; How to get free business sales leads You spend the time to read it and you get excited only to learn that it will cost you more than you can afford to get the answer. You already feel a little silly, and you resent the time you have wasted, but you use your credit card anyway because you really need that answer and you believe the product is probably the best all in one business opportunity anyway so your time has not been wasted.

This is when you often begin to feel like a fool, because more often than not, the answer you end up with is not in line with your original question and the product is more about presentation than information. In any case, it has nothing to do with what you want to know.

Is it any wonder most new internet marketers become very skeptical? Talk about loss of innocence. Of course it doesn’t end there. Many hopeful, enthusiastic people spend their life savings in pursuit of an easy shortcut to a successful internet business. They find themselves in search of answers to unrealistic questions.

To many people, it is not unlike buying lottery tickets; the next one will always be the winning ticket! People do this not because they are greedy or lazy, but because they are desperate to find success and they are encouraged to believe it is easy to do.

It is true that not every budding internet marketer is cut out for the business. In fact, the majority is not. No matter what job you undertake, be it on the internet or in the real world, there is no avoiding the fact that you need to know and understand the basic tasks necessary to perform the job.

Unfortunately, on the internet many people ignore this. They suspend logic and seek out bogus promises about instant wealth and push button programs. An internet business can be boiled down to two critical things; advertising and sales. You get the sales when you advertise and that eventually leads to success. Between those two events you need to understand the business you are in. You need to acquire quite a number of essential skills which you not only need to learn, you need to learn them well.

The people who go on to succeed have several things in common. They have the patience to learn and the tenacity and persistence to find the information they need. They also have a good deal of common sense, enough to know that a shortcut to wealth is as likely as a big lottery win. It takes a lot of losing tickets and more luck than anyone has a right to expect.

The truth is, short of an inheritance, there are no shortcuts to wealth. It is a learning curve that intimidates and frustrates a lot of people who are desperate to make money. They are easily moved by false promises and misleading ads to look for answers in all the wrong places. The vast majority of people who travel that road lose their savings and leave it all behind vowing never to return. They go from enthusiast to skeptic to cynic in just a short time and they do all they can to influence others to do the same.

Those who remain have the drive and determination to learn the business, whatever it takes. They know that to learn How To Get Free Business Sales Leads requires skills that have to be learned and they are prepared to learn those and any other skills necessary to become successful.

They prove this by the fact that they are still here. For that reason alone they deserve a hand to pull them out of the quicksand when they ask for it.